Annikki Snow

This vertical log cabin is so named after one of Brant Area’s dedicated Cub Leader’s Annikki Snow.
Annikki was well known for her love of crafts and envisioned a building where her Pack could create countless hours of fun. This building was dedicated to her memory in June 1990.

It is a large 24’ x 24’ open concept building with the main floor consisting of a fully serviced Kitchen, dining and leisure areas. There is also an 18L water cooler for your bottles. There is an upper loft for sleeping and a full basement consisting of an open area for use in training and craft building.

There is hot and cold running water and a two piece bathroom in the basement. This building does not have shower facilities. It has electric heat as well as a wood stove with accessible fire wood in an outside wood box. There are no bunks in the loft but we do have some mats. Sleeping in the basement is not allowed due to fire code regulations. This building can accommodate up to 20 people.
Annikki Snow Centre is located near the top of Ebor Park Field and cannot be accessed by your vehicle, especially in the winter.